Conquering Loneliness and Embracing Connections

In our latest edition of Nomadic Tales, we had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Ericsson, an inspiring digital nomad who has successfully blended work and travel to create a life of freedom and adventure. Maria, an Engineer in Graphic Technology and a Web Developer, shares her insights and experiences on what inspired her to become a digital nomad, her favorite destinations, the challenges she faces, managing finances while traveling long-term, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Q: What inspired you to become a digital nomad?

“I have always been drawn to freedom – to me, the ultimate freedom is to be able to work from anywhere in the world and control my own time. I love working from a beach bar in Thailand, sipping on a coconut, or from a mountain top in Norway after a ski session. That is the highest form of life quality to me!”

Q: What’s your favorite destination for digital nomading?

“The best destination, I would say, is Thailand or Bali. They both offer many different co-working spaces with beautiful views where it is easy to meet like-minded people. The nature, food, and locals are amazing. Additionally, Peru and Brazil are also great destinations for digital nomads.”

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you face as a digital nomad?

“The biggest challenge for me is traveling alone for over five years. While I have made deep connections and lifelong friends all over the world, loneliness can sometimes be a factor, especially when arriving at a new destination. However, it feels like I have faced so many fears that I currently feel zero stress when meeting new people in new situations. Traveling alone puts you out of your comfort zone, in a good way :)”

Q: What’s your top tip for managing finances while traveling long-term?

“Before I started traveling, I made sure I had enough savings in case anything happened. I have also opted to stay longer at destinations, ranging from a month up to six months or sometimes even a year. This allows me to find a good deal for an apartment and pay a similar price to what locals are paying. Having my own kitchen has been great, as it reduces the need to eat out all the time. Additionally, having a good health insurance plan is a must when traveling or living abroad.”

Q: How do you maintain a work-life balance as a digital nomad?

“I maintain a work-life balance by taking days off, getting to know people in the area, and going on adventures together. After all, that’s why we are traveling! It can be challenging at times, especially as a business owner or freelancer when the workload varies, but I always try to schedule days for recharging and not using the computer. Nature is always the best remedy!”


Maria Ericsson’s inspiring journey as a digital nomad showcases the incredible possibilities that remote work and travel can offer. With her love for freedom, adventure, and a keen focus on work-life balance, Maria has successfully crafted a lifestyle that embraces the best of both worlds. Her experiences and tips provide valuable insights for anyone aspiring to embark on a digital nomad journey of their own.

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