Binondo Bites: Discovering the Flavors of Manila’s Historic Chinatown

Binondo is a district in Manila, Philippines, known as the world’s oldest Chinatown. It is well-known for its delectable and diversified cuisine scene, making it a must-see destination for foodies. The district is well-known for its street cuisine, Chinese restaurants, and specialty shops selling original ingredients and delights.

  1. Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant – Famous for its fried chicken and oyster cake. It is famed for its fried chicken and Oyster Cake. This establishment has been operating since 1956 and is renowned for its traditional Chinese cuisine. Sincerity Fried Chicken is a must-order as well because it is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The Oyster Cake, meantime, is a delicious concoction of oysters, vegetables, and a crisp batter.
  1. Wai Ying Fastfood – If you’re looking for authentic dim sum and Chinese noodles, Wai Ying is the place to go. This restaurant is a popular spot for dim sum, noodles, and other Chinese dishes. They have an extensive menu with a wide variety of options, such as siomai, congee, and beef brisket noodles. While, the prices are also very affordable, making it a great choice for budget-conscious diners.
  1. Dong Bei Dumplings – If you’re searching for some great dumplings, this is the place to go. Other Chinese dishes are available and should be sampled. It is famous for its homemade dumplings, which are produced fresh every day. The dumplings are available in a variety of tastes, including pork and chive, lamb and coriander, and shrimp and veggies. Other options include fried rice and noodles.
  1. Masuki Mami House – A famous hangout for noodle soup fans. Try the popular beef mami and siopao. It has been established for almost 80 years and is well-known for its excellent and reasonably priced mami. Other traditional Chinese foods include siopao, siomai, and lumpia.
  1. Cafe Mezzanine – For a taste of traditional Chinese cuisine, Cafe Mezzanine is a great place to start. It offers a wide range of Chinese and Filipino dishes. The area is located in the historic Binondo Fire Station and has a more upscale vibe. Some of their must-try foods include hotpot, fried rice, and hakaw (shrimp dumplings).


Binondo is well-known for its tasty and diversified food scene, and it is a must-see for foodies. They are well-known for their street cuisine, Chinese restaurants, and specialist shops selling a wide range of authentic ingredients and delights. It is an excellent destination for foodies looking to experience something new and adventurous.

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