A Digital Nomad Couple’s Journey to 60+ Countries

Today, we are thrilled to present Alex and Hannah, a dynamic digital nomad couple who have mastered the art of work-life balance on the road. Join us as they share their incredible journey of meeting in Spain, traveling to over 60 countries, and embracing the remote working lifestyle. Discover how they have built sustainable travel, cultivated connections with like-minded individuals, and found inspiration in new environments. Get ready to be inspired by their story of adventure, independence, and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.


I’m (Hannah), from Scotland and Alex is from Wales and shares a love of travel. We first met while working abroad in Spain 10 years ago, and have traveled ever since visiting over 60 counties. Over the past couple of years, remote working has really boomed and we took the leap to travel alongside working for ourselves. It’s the perfect life/work balance and it’s amazing to be able to work from anywhere in the world. I (Hannah) currently have a social media management business and Alex works teaching English online.

1. What inspired you to become a digital nomad?

We’ve traveled a lot over the years and it’s been a constant cycle of working, saving, then traveling. This resulted in a major contrast of ups (traveling) and downs (working jobs we didn’t want to be in and staying with family to save). We knew that there must be a more sustainable way, and once I (Hannah) started working as an influencer manager alongside social media I realized I could do it from literally anywhere in the world and live a more balanced lifestyle. Alex has recently completed his TEFL course and has signed up to teach English online.

2. How do you choose your next destination?

We still travel as we would even when we weren’t working remotely. However, we do need to plan a bit more and research ahead of time so that we know there will be reliable wifi and a space to work from. We have just recently finished a 7-month trip across South and Central America, moving on every 3 or 4 days, but for our next trip, we will look at basing ourselves somewhere and really getting to know one place well.

3. How do you deal with homesickness while traveling long-term?

We don’t get too homesick as we always visit home in between trips but when we do miss home the best way we get over it is by having a video call with friends and family. They always end up saying that we’re not missing anything at home, and we should enjoy where we are… and they’re right! Of course, there are sacrifices that have to be made when traveling long term, and missing out on family and friends’ life events back home is one of them. It’s something that you just have to weigh up and decide if traveling is worth missing some of those home events for.

4) What is your favorite networking strategy?

Co-working spaces and hostels that are designed for remote workers have been a great way to network and meet like-minded people. Also having our travel accounts on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube has meant that we’ve made connections with people doing similar things and we often network and build relationships there too.

5) How has being a digital nomad impacted your personal growth and development?

Remote working has opened our eyes and really made us feel that anything is possible. It looks different for everyone, some people we met still have to log in to correspond with their colleagues’ time zone and put in a Monday – Friday shift, but others (including us) can choose their hours and that flexibility is what we love. Living and working in a new environment is challenging at times but is also very rewarding and it actually helps getting the creative juices flowing being in a new environment. It definitely helped us develop new skills, have a new perspective on what work is, and gave us a far greater sense of independence than working in a typical office setting would.

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