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A Digital Nomad’s Inspiring Journey

Nomadic Tales #1

Welcome to Nomadic Tales, a series dedicated to showcasing the inspiring stories of experienced digital nomads. Through a series of Q&A sessions, we’ll dive deep into the journeys of successful digital nomads and learn about their unique experiences, challenges, and insights. Our goal is to provide aspiring digital nomads with valuable information, tips, and advice to help them navigate the ups and downs of the nomadic lifestyle. In our first installment, we’ll be speaking with Przemek, a seasoned digital nomad who has been living the remote work lifestyle for a few years now. Join us as Przemek introduces himself, shares his inspiring journey, and uncovers his tips and strategies for success.


Three years ago, I bought a one-way ticket and moved to Ecuador. I decided to do that because I was tired of my boring life. I was stuck in the office from Monday to Friday and felt like my life was going nowhere.

Even though it wasn’t easy to leave everything behind, it was the best decision I have ever made. I was teaching English remotely to make a living, but it was just a temporary solution. That’s why I was doing online courses and soon found my first remote job as a copywriter.

In the meantime, I met the love of my life. After only three months of dating, we moved together, and two months later, we decided to get married and travel the world. The third time her parents saw me, we told them about this crazy idea, but they supported us and helped to organize everything.

In March 2022, we came to Poland and stayed there for nine months. We had to organize work permits for my wife, but we also traveled around and had a second wedding in the summer. Her parents and siblings arrived at the ceremony, so our families could get to know each other!

As soon as we managed to arrange the necessary documents, my wife found a remote job, and the day she started, we bought tickets to Malaga, where we have been living since the beginning of the new year.

What inspired you to become a digital nomad?

The truth is I had no idea that I had become a digital nomad at first. I moved to Ecuador, and I needed a job to support myself. The only thing I knew at the time I could do was to teach English. So I did it remotely for a while, and then I realized that what I was doing was being a “digital nomad.”

I chose this lifestyle because I wanted to feel free. I wanted to know that anytime I felt like switching locations, that was an option. After I graduated, I spent almost three years working in the office. I needed a change because I was struggling with being in one place all the time. 

What are the pros and cons of being a digital nomad?

For me, the biggest advantage is being location independent. I love the idea that no matter what, I can pack my stuff and move from one place to another whenever I want. Of course, there are some logistics behind it, but the fact that nothing holds me back is liberating.

I also love discovering new places, meeting people, and experiencing life as a local, immersing myself in foreign cultures. Being a digital nomad allows me to do that on my terms! Thanks to that, I can learn a lot of new things, and I feel that I am not wasting my life.

When it comes to disadvantages, being away from my family and friends is the worst. After months of being outside Poland, I miss them a lot. The good news is that when I am back home, I can spend quality time with everybody, and stay there as much as I want.

How do you balance work and travel as a digital nomad?

I created a routine, and I stick to it as much as possible. It helps me establish a sense of structure and stability in an otherwise unpredictable lifestyle, increasing my productivity and efficiency. By setting times for work and breaks, I can better manage time and minimize distractions.

However, I always make time for self-care and leisure activities. Traveling and working can be complicated, so it’s important to recharge and engage in activities to stay on track. Self-care activities help me manage stress, and leisure time provides new perspectives and memories.

What are some of your favorite destinations as a digital nomad?

I moved to Malaga 3 months ago and couldn’t be happier. The year-round warm weather in Malaga makes it the perfect place if you are looking for a change of scenery and some much-needed Vitamin D. 

It is a great spot to connect with other digital nomads. The city has plenty of co-working spaces, providing an ideal environment for networking and meeting people with similar lifestyles. Plus, there are beaches, mountains, and beautiful landscapes, so anybody can find something suitable. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a digital nomad?

Determine your skills and interests. Think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing, and research how to turn those skills into a remote career. Whether you are into photography, writing, or social media, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Create a financial plan. Calculate how much money you’ll need to cover your living costs, travels, and other expenses. Then, ensure you have a reliable source of income before you quit your job or start traveling full-time.

Take the leap of faith. It can be scary to leave behind the security and stability of a traditional job, but the rewards of being a digital nomad are well worth it. Overcome your fears, and focus on what you can gain.

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