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Reasons Why Lisbon is the Destination for Digital Nomads

Lisbon is an excellent choice as a cheap digital nomad destination because there are so many factors working in your favor. The cost of living is much lower than in many other European cities


Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city with a great cultural and architectural history. There are tons of things to do around the city, whether you’re into art or food, or nature. You can cruise around the city on a boat, visit museums like the Museum of Art, or walk through the historic city center. Lisbon is also a central transportation hub, which makes it easy to get anywhere in Europe — and beyond. There are flights to tons of places, like Dubai and Doha, so you can get almost anywhere in the world really easily. The city is also close to Seville, Madrid, and Porto, so you can easily day trip to these places without spending too much money. If you love the ocean and water sports, Lisbon is a great place. There are many beaches that are perfect for swimming or surfing. There are even some great surfing spots when the tide is low.

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Why is Lisbon a Great City for Digital Nomads?

There are tons of coworking spaces in the city, making it easy to find a cheap place to work from. And since Lisbon is such a great hub for startups, many of these coworking spaces offer a variety of other benefits too. Portugal just unveiled a brand-new temporary stay visa for digital nomads. Those who can present proof of an independent source of income are eligible for the D7 Passive Income Visa. More permanent residence is available in exchange for investment under the D2 Entrepreneur Visa and the Portugal Golden Visa. You can apply for the Portugal Temporary-Stay Visa as long as you meet the income requirement of €2,800 per month. You’ll also want to investigate the cost of living in Lisbon since it all depends on what you prioritize and your comfort zone. A lot of people recommend using Numbeo for finding the cost of living data for a particular city. It’s always been very close to accurate for me, and you can use it to compare different cities to see which ones are cheaper. However, there are also other costs to consider when living in Lisbon, like food and health care. With careful budgeting, though, you can easily live in Lisbon as a digital nomad on a budget. If you’re looking for a city that can offer you everything digital nomads need, look no further than Lisbon. With the city being a hub for startups and a comparatively affordable European city to live in, it’s the ideal combination of everything that makes a good digital nomad’s paradise.

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The Best Places to Stay for Digital Nomads

Hostels – Hostels are an obvious choice for digital nomads because they’re cheap and easy to travel to and from. Plus, you can meet tons of people from around the world. Hostels in Lisbon are abundant and cheap, and you can easily find ones that are near transportation or have free WiFi. Airbnb – Airbnb is another great option for digital nomads since you have many choices on where to stay, and you can save big on costs with coupon codes. You can even find group Airbnb deals with people who are interested in meeting other digital nomads. If you’re searching for something a little more temporary while you look for your longer-term residence, Couchsurfing is another option. Hotels are generally the most expensive place to stay, but they’re also a good option if you want a high level of comfort and want your money’s worth. Cais do Sodre, one of Lisbon’s most centrally located neighborhoods, is an excellent area to stay if you want to have quick access to all of the city’s top attractions and want to be close to the port.

(Disclaimer: These are just suggestions so, please do your research before planning on staying anywhere)

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